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Aishes Chayil: Mi Yimtza?

In Search of Aishes Chayil

26 March
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This journal is very much like my life. It's mostly about Judaism and my family, but it's also about writing, my absolute favorite pasttime. Much of what I write is Torah-related, but not all of it. In November 2006, I finished a Harry Potter fanfic novel, since disproven by Deathly Hallows. Someday, I hope to finish my Jewish retelling of Pride and Prejudice.

If you're interested in Judaism, please read my Torah-related posts.

Anyone who comments to any of my writing will make me very happy!

The title of this journal, "Aishes Chayil: Mi Yimtza?" comes the fourth verse from Proverbs, Chapter 31, and it begins an ode of praise to an accomplished woman. There are many translations of "Aishes Chayil", most commonly "a woman of valor," but I like the Artscroll's "accomplished woman."

The next words, "Mi yimtza?" or "Who can find [her]?" are an essential part of my title. I am by no means claiming to be an aishes chayil, though my husband would very charitably disagree. I do, however, aspire to be an aishes chayil, and so I ask as the Proverb asks, "Who can find her?" My job in life is to find her within myself.