kressel (kressel) wrote,

Welcome to My Journal

Hello, and welcome to my journal! If you're here through my website, then you're probably interested in my Jewish posts. If so, then please have a look at this list of Torah essays. I've also collected together descriptions of holidays and other Jewish occasions, which include a few wedding descriptions. And if you want my undying love and friendship, read and comment to my fanfic.

Everything on the list is in typical livejournal style; the entries describe the day as I experienced them. Though they contain Torah information, they are not intended as educational tools in the same way the website is. To read about my day-to-day life, just scroll down.

To regular lj-ers: This journal is about 50% friends-locked. I love new lj friends and I usually friend back, though sometimes it takes me a while to realize you're there. I don't have Internet at home, so while I can email posts, I don't get to read my flist as often as I'd like. With that in mind, friend me as you see fit.

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